Structured Wiring in Albuquerque

Over the past few years there have been enormous changes to the way we live in our homes. We can now experience professional-quality audio, shop, do business and enjoy a riveting night at the movies without ever leaving the comfort of our home!

Imagine if you could have central control for all the systems in your home and prepare your home to keep up with future technological advances. It is surprising what can be achieved with a little forethought and the application of certain wiring principles. It starts by introducing what is commonly referred to as structured wiring.

The goal of adding structured wiring to a home is to allow your home to accommodate new products and technologies without rewiring and to maximize the performance of your current home technology devices. Structured wiring is relatively inexpensive to have done and can be of great value to your home—making it easier to incorporate home entertainment center wiring and home stereo components wiring into your home.

Paradise Village custom designs structured wiring systems to support a variety of present and future technologies, including telephone services, high-speed Internet access, computer networking, cable and DSS television, audio/video distribution, security, and camera surveillance.

The basic components of a structured wiring system are the distribution panel (generally located in the basement mechanical area), special bundled cable or multiple cable runs, and custom wall-plates in each room. Outlets may include telephone jacks, coax jacks, data networking jacks, video jacks and infrared.

If you’d like to hear from people we’ve worked for, just ask. We have references for our structured wiring home automation that would be happy to tell you about their experience working with Paradise Village.

Call 505-881-6375 or stop by Paradise Village to learn how you can get a state-of-the-art structured wiring system for your Albuquerque home!

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